Head Muay Thai Coach

Brendon Shoemaker

Brendon started his martial arts journey in 1993 studying Taekwondo and Kung Fu.

He eventually found and fell in love with Muay Thai under the tutelage of Mike “The Volt” Vaughn.

Through the Modern Muay Thai Association Brendon was able to compete in the ring at a high level while also earning his black sash and being promoted to instructor and coach.

In 2016 Brendon re-started the Muay Thai program at Fight Prime Training Center, making it the largest program in the area.

Brendon also took initiative to become a certified official through USA Muay Thai and the Thai Boxing Association.

He can be found ringside or as the referee at some of the largest tournaments in the country.

Brendon believes in a comprehensive approach to Muay Thai, blending a strong but easy to learn curriculum with a healthy work ethic.

Martial arts are a journey and you need the support of a gym family to support your goals, whether it is to compete in the ring, get in shape or just to have fun.

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