Alliance Certified Krav Maga / Muay Thai

Daniel Watson

Daniel is a life long learner of many things but has a special place in his heart for martial arts. He loves to share his passion with those who have curiosity and a desire to learn.

If you want to master something, teach it.

Richard Feynman

He is driven by a need to foster community in those who step onto the mats with him. Encourages students to expand their comfort zones and improve overall health.

Daniel had earned his Yellow sash in Muay Thai, and has some Muay Thai ring experience. When he’s not using martial arts as a workout, he studies it’s practical applications in self defense. He began learning Krav Maga a few years ago, and now instructs students of his own.

Feeling safe when uncertainty is present can be fleeting and overwhelming. Daniel is a firm believer that through training in self-defense, that all of life’s adversities become more manageable.

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